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M4A1 Desert Commando

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M4A1 Desert Commando
Actually a G4A5 DMR with some modifications
-Mock suppressor
-10 inch Madbul barrel
-Short Bipod
-Laser with pressure pad
-Fenix TK30 tactical flashlight with pressure pad
-Coast LED Lensar with Red Filter (I use this as a night navigation light, just to provide enough light to see leaves before you step on them. Very usefull)
-Eotech 552 (Replica) Painted Tan
-3x Magnifier with Flip-To-Side mount
-Magpul Accessories
-Magpul Angled Fore Grip (Flat Dark Earth)
-Magpul XTM Rail Pannels (Half Flat Dark Earth, Half Black)
-Magpul Polymer Trigger Guard (Flat Dark Earth)
-Magpul MOE Grip (Flat Dark Earth)
-Magpul MOE Stock (Flat Dark Earth)
Thank you for the kind words!!

Author iradicalpaul
Created on Saturday 27 February 2010
Posted on Monday 01 March 2010
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